About Us

Winslow Technology is an I.T. service company. We deliver three unique services - Technical Sales Outsourcing, In-house Software Development & Offshore Software Development with an opportunity to 'partner up' in Asia!

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Who We Are

We are based in Dublin, Ireland and offer our services to prospective clients both in Ireland and globally!

We offer three services - Sales Representation, Software Development and Software Development Outsourcing through our partners Founder International an ISO 9001/27001, CMMi Level 4 Certified organisation.

Founder International can list household names such as Pfizer, Yahoo and EMC as clients.

We try to confine ourselves to representing organisations that have developed niche software solutions or a unique ICT technology. Our service model is simple - We only invoice agreed upfront charges when completed or commission plus expenses for profit sharing business partnerships.

Our History

Winslow Technology Ltd (Trading As - EU Sales Force) was founded by David Doyle, a graduate of Electronics and Computer Science from the Dublin Institute of Technology; He has worked for over 28 years in a variety of management, sales and entrepreneurial roles within the IT industry.

EU Sales Force is a registered business name of Winslow Technology Ltd, pursuant to Section 4 of the Registration of Business Names Act, 1963 (Ireland). Registration No. 413111. Winslow Technology Ltd is a business registered in Dublin, Ireland, Company No. 474446 incorporated under the Companies Acts 1963 to 2009.

Our Partners!

Software Development Outsourcing

As the only European partner to Founder International we are the face of that company in Europe.

Founder International, Suzhou, China

Founder International are a subsidiary of the giant Chinese group Founder who's revenues exceed US$6 billion - 1 in every 4 laptops sold in China carry the Founder logo!

The Founder Story

The story of Founder reads more like a 'Silicon Valley' legend, nothing like perhaps the stereotypical western image of a Chinese 'copycat' 'sweatshop'.

Founder's History

The company was started in Beijing University circa 1986, spearheaded by Professor Wang Xuan, a maths and computer science professor. Wang perfected a Chinese character laser phototypesetting technology, surpassing any innovations produced by Japan at the time and is a globally patented process.

Some of Our Team


David Doyle

Managing Director / European Representative
Winslow Technology / Founder International

Haitong Zhang

General Manager
Founder International

Kok Hoe WONG
Project Manager
Founder International

Fiona Greene
Winslow Technology

Peter Gosling
Software Designer / Developer

Rafael Bonache Martinez
International Marketing
Winslow Technology / EU Sales Force