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We develop custom & bespoke software applications - Working closely with our clients, we help organisations solve business problems by the development and application of appropriate technology....To LEARN More Just CLICK To Ask

When 'Off the Shelf' Won't Do!

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What Development Models Do We Offer?

local software development engineer femaleSoftware Development for Small to Medium Sized Businesses (SMEs)

We use our own Irish based experienced, in-house developers for smaller projects (projects 2K - €60K) and the virtually unlimited resources of our development partner Founder International for larger contracts (€50K+).

Although it works best when our client has identified where outcomes can be improved by the application of technology, we can provide an end to end service from analysis to delivery; usually on a fixed price contract basis.   Business Software Development Applications

What Type of Development, Industries and Experience?

Custom Applications                ● Systems Integration            ● Database Applications

Retail    ● Manufacturing          ● Back Office Administration & Accounting

EPOS Solutions ● Accounting ● Business Intelligence ● Work Flow ● System Integration

Software Applications | Software Design
Software Development, Application Development, Database Design, eCommerce Solutions

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Software Development for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Clients

For projects with tier 1 and tier 2 clients, typically, organisations with revenues greater than US$50 million and where the project size is greater than US$50,000 we utilise our outsourcing partner, Founder, a ISO9001/27001 CMMi Level 4 Certified organisation.

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Offshore or Onshore - What's the Difference?


Some Definitions;

Offshore Outsourced Software Development - Refers to the process of contracting software development to a third party, which are more than two time zones away.

Onshore Outsourced Software Development  - Refer to the contracting of software development to a third party in your own country.

Near-shore Outsourced Software Development  - Refer to the contracting of software development to a third party outside of your country but which is located within two time zones.


Founder - Our Development Partner's Story...

The story of Founder reads more like a 'Silicon Valley' story, nothing like, perhaps the stereotypical western image of Chinese 'copycat' 'sweatshop'!

The company was founded by a computer scientist, Professor Wang of Beijing University, circa 1986. Wang developed a patented system of printing and storing Chinese characters, which was way ahead of the rival Japanese system, at the time. Although Wang is dead now, his ethos and spirit lives on, like a kind of Steve Jobs but in a much more Chinese understated way.

Subsequently Founder went on to develop many more patented processes and so the respect for copyright is deeply embedded within the company's culture. Founder International is also an ISO 27001 security certified organisation, in addition to 9001 and CMMi Level 4 quality certification..