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Why Choose Us? - Outsourcing To China

Language & Cultural Skills - Many team members completed their education in either Europe or the U.S., while others have worked for leading transnational corporations such as Microsoft, Intel or B.T., so English language competency is guaranteed! You will find the culture within Founder International, is Chinese but reflective of the values of many hi-tech innovative organisation - A shared vision, continual education, employee incentives against objective measurements, open work areas, a young workforce and a casual dress code. We also take the time to understand our client's corporate culture as part of the pre-contract engagement, with a view to working within that culture.   

The Gateway To China - Founder is your credible partner, with 30,000 employees and revenues of US$6 billion. Founder Group Ranks the 5th in China’s Top Hundred Enterprises - State Software Business Revenue 2010. We can be your bridgehead to the exciting 'opportunity rich' Chinese market with a population of over 1.3 billion people, 115 billionaires, 477,000 millionaires and three of the world's Top Ten Companies (source International Business Times)

Local Support - The local European market is supported from Founder's office in Dublin, Ireland

Quality - ISO9001/CMMi Level 4 - Founder International is ISO9001 quality, ISO27001 security and CMMi Level 4 certified organisation. Founder International is also Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner. Besides adherence to quality standards, we understand that we are part of your team, so we take the time to understand your business plan, we're not afraid to suggest better or more innovative ways to achieve our common goals with forums to evaluate progress and discuss direction also been part of the process. We promise a proactive approach to managing the working relationship but it is a 'two way street' so cooperation needs to work in both directions.

Substantial Cost Savings - Cost savings of up to 75% over unit costs typical in the US or Europe

IPR Protection - ISO27001 - Not only is Founder International ISO27001 security certified but the company was founded by Professor Wang Xuan, computer scientist, mathematician and inventor. The company's progress has been marked by significant technology patents and inventions giving the organisation a competitive advantage over other domestic and international rivals! Although we feel the best contracts are the one that stay 'locked away in the safe', we appreciate that we contract are a necessary function of business - You will find Founder's contract are fair to both parties and in the event of dispute we resort to 'fast track' mediation first, escalating to 'neutral ground' arbitration if mediation fails. IT testing services
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  Reduces Risk

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"You can judge a man by the company he keeps"

But can you judge a company by the people it keeps? We certainly think so! We've teamed up with some very good company in China - Founder International, an ISO9001/27001, CMMi Level 4 Certified organisation with a turnover of US$6 billion. Started as a 'campus company' in Beijing University the group now employs 30,000 highly skilled people. The 'Genesis' of Founder was an invention so they understand all about protection for IPR! Founder are ISO9001 quality certified, independently audited ISO27001 security certified and CMMi Level 4 process certified (See Wikipedia About CMMi) and is a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner! China Development Centre

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Our Partners



Founder International, based in Suzhou, China, is the software development outsourcing subsidiary of the Founder Group, a US$6 billion global leader in life sciences (healthcare, hospital, and pharmaceutical), computer manufacturing, digital publishing, IT solutions and services.  Founder companies are publicly traded on stock exchanges in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Malaysia; with more than 30,000 employees worldwide.
The company is a leader in global IT services and business process outsourcing, providing customers with the best of both worlds - local business offices staffed with local business professionals supported by the scale of a global services provider. 


Founder International is an IS9001/27001, CMMi Level 4 Certified organisation and a Microsoft ©™Gold Certified Partner

Founder clients rang from medium sized organisations to 'house-hold' names like...





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Case Study - US National Retailer
Case Study - Credential Management Organisation
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